Frontend Developer

HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular 2/4


UX Designer

Figma, Marvelapp, Sketch, Axure


AD and Graphical Artist

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sketch



C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Unity, UE 4, G2


I'm a wizard

I work my magic, whether that be while designing or programming

I'm experimental

I do love to experiment, with new tech and design ideas, to expand my repertoire of skills

I'm efficient

I take pride in efficiency, while being creative, at the same time

As a multimedia designer from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, I possess creative design competences, while my main focus is on the creative  syntheses of technical, design and game elements.

My education has equipped me with solid tools that make me able to develop new and innovative products and systems.


"Mehrzad is fast, smart and always on top of his game."

Rasmus Hammerfelt Hansen, Level Designer at Io Interactive
"He has the ability to combine intuitive layout and navigation with highly immersive content."

Billy Jenkins, Product Solutions Manager at Adform
01/2023 - current


Senior Software Engineer

Designing and developing software solutions for a variety of different clients and industries

01/2022 - 01/2023

Yellow Umwelt A/S

Head of Tech and UX

Managing a teams of frontend and backend developers, to build and mantain digital products and campaigns

12/2018 - 02/2022


Senior Frontend Developer & Lead UX Designer

Working with React to develop new
and large scale .com solutions.
Concept, Design, UI/UX, Web, HTML5/CSS3 etc.

05/2017 - 12/2018


Senior Frontend Developer / Senior UX Designer

Working with Angular 2/4 to develop
new and upcoming Sitecore products.
Concept, Design, UI/UX, Web, Aftereffects, HTML5/CSS3 etc.

01/2016 - 05/2017


GUI Designer and Developer

Designing, animating and developing the newest Hitman Game GUI.



Art Director / UX Designer

In this endeavour I have taken the role as the Art Director, where I take the general decisions on which way we need to push the content, so it will stay in sync with the core design considerations. Furthermore I am the Lead UI Designer, which implements the concept considerations in a functional UI in the actual app.

05/2014 - 12/2015


Head of Gaming / Senior Frontend Developer / Senior UI Designer

Game development, Concept, Design, UI, Web, Flash, AS3, Aftereffects, Videoediting, compositing, HTML/CSS etc.

01/2014 - 12/2015

GameMasterz (A Ghost VFx company)

Lead UI Designer

Design and Art Direction on Ravenstorm: Rift of souls.

10/2013 - 2014


UI Designer / Developer

Designing, animating and developing the Dead Island 2 GUI.

03/2012 - 10/2013


UI Designer / Developer

Designing, animating and developing the Hitman: Absolution Game GUI. Designing, animating and developing the next unannounced AAA product GUI.

03/2010 - 03/2012

KathArt Interactive

Flash- & Webdeveloper / Designer / VFX Artist

Concept, design, UI, web, flash, AS3, Aftereffects, videoediting, compositing, HTML/CSS etc.

09/2008 - 02/2010

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Assistant teacher

Teaching programming, design and tools for the multimedia trade.

09/2008 - 02/2010

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Graphical communication

Studied graphical communication and graduated as a Multimedia Designer, from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

"He is a fast learner and a great creative troubleshooter, with a strong sense of aesthetics."

Rasmus Nordkvist, Art Director, IA, App specialist at KathArt Interactive

Get a hold of me

Go on… Don’t be shy

The easiest way of getting a hold of me, is to visit my LinkedIn profile and shoot me a message there. I’m looking forward to your message!

"Mehrzad showed great will to raise the visual quality and production speed of Hitman Absolution game."

Ulas Karademir, Technical Producer at Io Interactive