Why we made it:

Femina wanted to engage their target audience in a branding activity on Facebook. They wanted at the same time to create:

  • Brand engagement
  • New Facebook fans
  • New leads to their permission marketing program

So we were looking for a three-in-one solution for them

What we have made:

We took the target audience and their passion for fashion and shopping as a starting point, tapping into the casual gaming trend and taking advantage of the fact, that the target loves to share, when it’s about good news and gifts for our best friends.

We built a mobile first virtual shopping experience with one of their favorite fashion brands. On top we added a casual gaming element by challenging the users on how many fashion pieces they could drag into the shopping basket within the time limit – and they could play over and over again in order to “Emtpty the Store”, because what you could win, was what you had in your basket when time was up!

In order to make them share, we dropped an additional item into the basket, which they could give to a friend in case of winning, and by that urge them to share. And they did!

What we got out of it:

We were reassured of the mobile first approach with almost 80% of participants joining from mobile devices.

And they liked what they saw!

In total the game was played 170,000 times by 22,000 unique users, meaning that in average each user played the game 7.7 times.

They liked it so much, that 2,500 unique users – or more than 10%! – shared the game directly with their friends – in total the game created 3,200 shares with friends and 2,100 shares to wall.

6,800 decided to become new fans of our Facebook page and almost 3,000 signed up for our permission marketing program – and by the way, when the game was launched in the Femina newsletter, it achieved an opening rate which was index 125 compared to average and an impressing index 200 for the achieved click rate!

And at the same time Femina had a brand new platform for Femina and Aller to engage into partnerships with advertisers to reach the target audience in joint campaigns.

Key Results:

And we found it! 170,000 engagements with the activation across 22,000 unique users were more than satisfying!

Try it here:

(Please note, because of budget restraints, the client specifically asked for two different version instead of going for a responsive design as we strongly advised them.)

Mobile version

Desktop version